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My name is Rick Porter and my wife is Tami Porter.   I’ve been interested in Gold Run / Dutch Flat since 1974 when my parents (J.D. Porter and Sue Porter)  bought a parcel on Moody Ridge.  Tami has been in love with the area since her first visit in 1976 while we were dating.  We’ve both been very thankful that my parents found and purchased this land where we have escaped to from the Bay Area for over 40 years.


One of my favorite activities is searching the web for historical information about mining in this area. I’m particularly interested in finding out more information about the mining on Moody Ridge (Moody Patent claim) or the Bogus Hill claim (Harkness patent claim (1876) on Moody Ridge).  This area shows many signs of mining activity that went on for years (mine shafts, ditches, iron supply pipes for hydraulic mining, and hydraulic mining scars) yet I’ve only found one or two sentences anywhere that mention the mining here. Osmyn Harkness and Jonathan Moody both had claims not only in Gold Run but also on Moody Ridge.

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